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I’m no pro by all means, I’m just a guy that loves to fish. I’ve been messing around with different setups and different techniques for years and here recently all of my trials and efforts just paid off. I have started to catch bass! Not just small bass, even though I do catch a lot of those, I’m talking about big bass! Texas hogs! My technique is simple and doesn’t require that you spend your whole day at the lake.


I swing by my favorite fishing spots either early morning or late evening and fish the banks with custom buzz baits. I start with two casts in the same spot, reeling fast to keep the buzz bait on top of the water. If I don’t get any action I move about ten feet down the shoreline and repeat. Make sure you fish parallel to the shore, big bass come to the shores edge to feed. See below for the rod/reel and baits that I use and also the fish that I’ve caught most recently.

Rod & Reel

I’ve caught tons of fish on closed face zebco reels from Walmart. The only problem is with buzz baits you need something that will reel fast to keep the bait on top of the water and to cover a lot of distance. I use this Lew’s American Heroes speed reel. It has 4+1 bearings, a line capacity of 120/12 and a gear ratio of 7.1:1. It’s a great bait cast reel for a great price. For more details on my fishing gear page, click here.

When you get the bite you have to set the hook instantly, the faster the better.

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This is where most fishermen fall short. Either they are using the wrong thing or they don’t know how to use the bait that they have. These buzz baits are proven to work!

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