Fishing Moraine Park

Welcome! First off – Please read my previous post that explains why the transition from Bass to Trout along with what to expect.

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I got my annual pass to the Rocky Mountain National Park and saw that reservations are required to enter the park. I went ahead and booked a few days in advance. The way it works is they only allow so many visitors each hour. I think it’s 300 per hour. So you go online and pick the date/time that you want to visit.

Reservation Only

I booked 12pm on a saturday and headed out to the park. In Estes Park I stopped by Scotts fly shop to find out what kind of flies to use in moraine park. They suggested Elk hair caddis and a small subsurface dropper.

I got to Moraine Park and decided to go a little further to the Fern Lake Trailhead. I found out quickly that waders would be needed for this part of the stream so I went back to Moraine Park.

Crystal Clear Waters

Moraine park has beautifully clear waters that you can clearly see trout from the banks. These trout can also see you fishing! This along with the pressure from regular fishing the trout can be hard to catch.

Got Lucky?

I was however able to catch a nice looking brown trout after a few hours of fishing 🙂 – Was it worth it? Yes! I can’t wait until I go back, I should have waders by then so I can fish along the Fern lake trail.

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