Bass Fishing Colorado?

A lot has happened in the past few months. I sold my Nitro 189 sport. Sold my Pelican Apex 100 Kayak. And moved to Colorado! I’ve always loved visiting Colorado each year for vacation and ever since the Rocky Mountain Grand Slam, I knew I wanted to make the move and become a Colorado resident.

OR Trout Fishing Colorado?

Here in Colorado there’s not that many spots to fish for largemouth bass. I know of Boulder Reservoir and Walden Pond but that is it.

So I have my 9ft 5# Wright & McGill fly rod with me. I’ve been heading west on Canyon outside of Boulder to fish Boulder creek. The guys at Rocky Mountain Anglers helped me out with that spot. There’s about 15 miles of creek from Boulder to Nederland that have trout. So far I’ve only been able to catch small brown trout but I’ll keep looking for larger trout.

Here’s a few pics:

Rocky Mountain National Park Annual Pass

So even though the Rocky Mountain National Park is doing timed entry (This basically mean they only let so many visitors in each hour. The website is where you go to reserve your spot.) during Covid-19, I went ahead and purchased an annual pass. This way I can go fish mountain streams and seek out Greenback Cutthroat trout!

What does this mean for

I’m not sure at the moment, I may start up a new blog that is more Colorado and trout fishing oriented but don’t know. Comment below or email me with suggestion.

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