Replacing Trailer Bunks With Craftsman Inverter Generator 2200i

I launched my boat and noticed a board float away. Dang! I’ve been putting this off for a while now. About a year ago, with the help of my dad, I replaced two boards and it was a pain in the arse. I bought the 2x4s from lowes, cut them down to size and reused the carpet from the old bunk to save on cost. This was a big pain because of the amount of staples in the old carpet, not to mention the carpet’s condition wasn’t the best shape.

For this new board replacement, I bought new carpet from Academy to cut to size. I also picked up new 2x4s, spray glue, and an electric stapler.

But because I wanted to swap the boards at the lake with my boat in the water, I needed a generator. A generator is excellent to have around because of hurricane season. During Harvey, my house didn’t flood and we were fine until the lights went out. Same thing with Ike, we were just fine until the power went out. Once you’re out of electricity, it’s a countdown until your food starts to go bad. With a generator around the house, I could power a fridge to preserve the food.

So I went and picked up a Craftsman Inverter Generator 2200i for about $600. I wanted something quiet and not too expensive. Also something portable that I can haul around. This Craftsman looks like it will fill the void.

Here’s a video of the unpacking, startup and me putting it to work in 100+ degree weather.

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