Used MotorGuide Xi5 Works!

The used MotorGuide Xi5 that I purchased off of craigslist earlier this year works! Watch the video here of me testing it out: Great Deal on Used Trolling Motor How satisfied am I with the purchase? VERY! I bought it for only $500 and it came with everything needed to connect it to my [...]

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Used Motorguide Xi5 For Sale – I Bought It!

It's my first post of 2020! This year I'll work on updating the content more frequently and focus on technology in modern fishing. Speaking of technology, I've been in the market for a Motorguide Xi5 for a while now. First I built out a NMEA 2000 network on my boat and upgraded my fishing electronics [...]

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Replacing Trailer Bunks With Craftsman Inverter Generator 2200i

I launched my boat and noticed a board float away. Dang! I've been putting this off for a while now. About a year ago, with the help of my dad, I replaced two boards and it was a pain in the arse. I bought the 2x4s from lowes, cut them down to size and reused [...]

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Texas Digital Fishing License Bill September 1st 2019

Texas Fisherman can now show a digital copy of their fishing license.  Huge breakthrough in the Texas fishing world. Starting September 1st 2019, Texas fishing Licenses can be shown digitally.  Before Sept 1st, Fisherman have been required to keep fishing licenses on them during fishing, in a printed format. This folded paper license is waterproof [...]

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Learning to Catch Bass with My New Equipment

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video or even my latest catch. There’s a reason for this: I’ve been learning my new boat, how to use it and how to locate fish. I have gotten really good at finding fish and catching them from the shores and even on my kayak. But when [...]

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My New Boat – Nitro 189 Sport Fish and Ski

Here's why I haven't posted in the past couple of months, I was working on buying a boat! I picked up a 2008 Nitro 189 Sport Fish and Ski to take my fishing to the next level. Right now I have it stuffed in my garage while I work on it. Here's a list of [...]

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My Gear

Here's my rod and reel that I've been catching bass on. The reel is an American Hero Speed Spool MCS Reel, a fast reeling 7.1:1 baitcaster reel. The settings in the pictures are accurate, to set the spool tension here's what I do: First, turn the knob as tight as it will go. Next, reel [...]

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