Texas Digital Fishing License Bill September 1st 2019

Texas Fisherman can now show a digital copy of their fishing license. 

Huge breakthrough in the Texas fishing world. Starting September 1st 2019, Texas fishing Licenses can be shown digitally.  Before Sept 1st, Fisherman have been required to keep fishing licenses on them during fishing, in a printed format. This folded paper license is waterproof but takes up valuable space in your wallet and plus it’s a pain to make sure you have it with you each time you go fishing. This new legislature will change this. All you need is a picture of your printed license or access to your digital version when asked to show proof that you have a license. 

But keep in mind, if you’re fishing far from a cellular tower and you aren’t able to access the internet to show your fishing license, you may still get a ticket for not having a license! So best practice is to save the picture of your Texas fishing license on your phone and be ready to present it if you are asked. Also there’s a pretty cool Texas Parks and Wildlife app for both IOS and Android. Looks like you can store your fishing license and also purchase new ones.

You can purchase online now and if you’re freshwater fishing without tags, you can print your receipt or save an image of it to show proof you have a license. 

Here’s a link to the actual Bill: https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/86R/billtext/html/HB00547H.htm

And if you need a Texas fishing license, here’s where you can purchase online: https://www.txfgsales.com/ 

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