My Pelican Apex 100 Fishing Kayak

So the last fish that I caught was on my Pelican kayak.  I’ve been using it more often because I feel like I fish the same spots too much. Because you’ll be seeing more of it, I decided to post pictures of my kayak and also more details about it. Well, here it is. It’s a Pelican Apex 100 Angler Kayak that I purchased from Academy about six months ago. I was looking for something cheap that I could fish out of and I found this one. It has never let me down and each time I go out on it I like it even more. On my vacation to Florida last July I even took it with me. I kayaked around Safety Harbor and parts of Tampa Bay and saw tons of jelly fish, a dolphin and even a manatee.  Truly awesome.

Right now the only upgrades that I’ve done is added some hole stoppers to the back area and added a crate for my gear. I would like to get a lowrance fish finder, taco style paddle clip and waterproof porthole one day.

I plan on upgrading from my pelican apex 100 kayak soon and giving this one to my ten year old son, which he loves to fish off of as well. I’m thinking about purchasing a larger yak, possibly the Pelican 120. I’ll post the new kayak when I get it but for now I don’t mind using my Pelican Apex 100 to go explore deeper waters in search of bigger bass.

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