Learning to Catch Bass with My New Equipment

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video or even my latest catch. There’s a reason for this: I’ve been learning my new boat, how to use it and how to locate fish. I have gotten really good at finding fish and catching them from the shores and even on my kayak. But when it comes to large bodies of water, I’ve been lost.

I started with purchasing a new Hook 7 Lowrance to map out underwater structures and also map out my new fishing areas. The down imaging seems to work well but I’m still working on dialing it in.

What I’d like to learn how to do is drive around slowly and mark underwater structures or bait fish spots on the Lowrance and create a route. Then I want to come back and fish each these areas with the motor off, quietly while trolling.

I’ve also been working on trimming the engine. I start out with the trim all the way down. When the boat gets on plane I start trimming up without the bow sticking too far out of the water. I feel like I need a hydrofoil whale tail. *Edit: 7-14-17 – I can get the boat on plan quick without a hydrofoil

If you have suggestions on how to use my lowrance to zone in on fish let me know in the comments. I’m located on the south part of Lake Conroe close to 105, if you have good spots to catch fish feel free to post the GPS coordinates as well.

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