Invasive Species Fishing Tournament

carpathon-2016-webI know this website is dedicated to bass fishing but I decided to try my luck on other fish. I heard about this tournament from a friend. But the target species isn’t Bass or Catfish or anything like that, it’s invasive fish that aren’t native to Texas waters.

I agreed to go check it out. I brought the kiddos along because they are lucky as hell and the more lines in the water, the more chances we can win. I entered my two youngest in the conventional category and I entered in fly fishing. Fun. For twenty bucks they gave me a bag with an awesome long sleeve fishing shirt and some new flies, two of them are coffee bean flies.

We got there at 8am in the morning and it was already getting hot. The tournament rules allow you to catch any of the targeted species along Bray’s Bayou but we decided to stick around the registration area. Just so happens there was no shade and the sun was out in full force.

We ended up fishing from 9am to 12pm and didn’t catch anything. The whole time I was thinking I should’ve brought my buzz baits. Even though we walked away without prizes or even a bite, we learned a lot on how invasive species are tearing up our local ecosystem. So, if you catch a grass carp, armored catfish, pacu or oscar… Don’t throw it back it! Leave them on the bank so they can get a sunburn.

Bonus pic:
New stickers from the tournament on my Kayak


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