Lowrance Sonar Fish Reveal Update -Step By Step – Elite ti

I bought the new Lowrance 9 Elite ti and was able to successfully download the Fish Reveal update by using WiFi. Here’s the post that goes over the steps I took to install the Lowrance Sonar FishReveal update. I decided to create a step-by-step video that shows the entire process from start to finish on my Lowrance Elite 5 ti. You can see in the video that I connect to WiFi and my Lowrance automatically detects the latest update. I then install to the sonar and the fish reveal update works! There are rumors going around that the FishReveal update won’t work on the Lowrance Elite 5 ti but in this video you will see that it does in fact work.

For questions and comments, please leave them in the comment section in YouTube. Also make sure you subscribe to my channel for more fishing videos. Next step is to install a NMEA 2k network and a Lowrance GPS puck

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