Pro Fisherman Bass Fishing Tips

Watch professional angler Chuck Devereaux demonstrate a variety of techniques for casting and retrieval on a giant 5,000-gallon Bass Tub aquarium.

He covers the following topics:
How to find a fish with different locater baits – spinner, crank baits
Blades to use in different conditions
Color of skirts to use in different conditions
Bass lateral lines – how they feel vibration
Feeder creeks
1/4 ounce spinner bait because it’s easy to cast
6 1/2 foot spinner bait rod
how to work a bank, if you get a few strikes working the bank
Using crawdaddies on mud flats
The right rod for flukes, lizards, senkos
-7.5 heavy action rod
-3 aught hook
-30lb fluorocarbon line
Lake Rayburn
-rayburn red
–(tomato seed)
3 aught wide gap offset hook in red with senkos
boat positioning
and more topics covered!

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