Lowrance Electronics: Upgraded from Hook to Elite TI

Well I've had my Hook 7 for about a year and I'm starting to outgrow it. I needed something with more features such as side scan so I started shopping around. I instantly saw the price of some new fish finders, wow. Some lowrance units run up to $5,000!! I don't have this kind of [...]

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Summer Time Bass Fishing – Crankbait Largemouth Bass 4k

Watch how I scope out an area while trolling with my outboard. I'm looking for ledges or dropoffs on an underwater point. Once I locate the ledge then I start seeing fish. I mark the fish locations and go upwind to cast down wind so I can run my crank-bait through [...]

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Colorado Grand Slam – Rocky Mountain Trout Grand Slam

Grand Slam So I know this is a bass fishing site but I also love fly fishing for trout as well, hence this post. I just got back from fishing in the Rocky Mountains and had a blast. I hired a guide for an eight hour fishing trip to learn how to catch [...]

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Learning to Catch Bass with My New Equipment

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video or even my latest catch. There’s a reason for this: I’ve been learning my new boat, how to use it and how to locate fish. I have gotten really good at finding fish and catching them from the shores and even on my kayak. But when [...]

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My New Boat – Nitro 189 Sport Fish and Ski

Here's why I haven't posted in the past couple of months, I was working on buying a boat! I picked up a 2008 Nitro 189 Sport Fish and Ski to take my fishing to the next level. Right now I have it stuffed in my garage while I work on it. Here's a list of [...]

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Pro Fisherman Bass Fishing Tips

Watch professional angler Chuck Devereaux demonstrate a variety of techniques for casting and retrieval on a giant 5,000-gallon Bass Tub aquarium. He covers the following topics: How to find a fish with different locater baits - spinner, crank baits Blades to use in different conditions Color of skirts to use in different conditions -------- [...]

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Trout Fishing in Hot Springs Arkansas

The family and I went up to Arkansas over the Christmas break and explored the area. I got a chance to fish Mt Blakely Dam and the Little Missouri and caught a couple of rainbow trout. Here's where we went: Hot Springs Village Mt Blakely Dam Ouachita National Forest Lake Greeson Swaha Lodge & [...]

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Bear Branch Reservoir Bass Fishing

Dry spell is over! I went fishing this morning (10/30/16) at Bear Branch Reservoir in The Woodlands and caught two small largemouth bass. The first bass I caught was a fun catch because he put up a big fight (see video). I started out fishing with a double plopper lure but missed a fish on [...]

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