Fish Reveal Lowrance Update Installed With Wifi

I unboxed my new Lowrance yesterday and was immediately impressed with the size. It is way bigger than my Hook 7 and 3-4 times the size of my Elite 5 ti.

I powered the unit up with a power supply at my house and went through the Fish Reveal update process. First I went to and downloaded the .udp update and saved it to a mini SD card. I then took the SD card and inserted it into my Lowrance and powered it up. Nothing happened. I tried to find the update section on the unit itself and couldn’t find it. Since I was at my house, I connected my Lowrance to my Wifi and then checked for available updates. It found one. At the time I was unsure if this was the FishReveal update so I downloaded it anyway.

After the update installed I went and checked the latest version. It matched up to the FishReveal version that I couldn’t get to work earlier. Success!

So FishReveal was installed but I couldn’t find out how to use it. Since I had my Lowrance hooked up on my bed, I turned the unit’s demo mode on. Then I went into my sonar, nothing was different. I went into my side scan, no fish reveal. Next I went into side scan and selected down scan. Boom, I was able to see red/yellow marks on the down scan that marked fish. Cool! The FishReveal update worked.


  • I was able to connect to Wifi and update my Lowrance Elite 9 ti to get FishReveal.
  • FishReveal is in down scan. Go to side scan and select down only

I have a short video I’m working on that shows the process. I’m ready to get this out on the water and see what kind of fish I can see and catch.

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