Three Gar, One Cast Net

Last Friday I went fishing on Lake Conroe and while fishing for largemouth bass, I saw a number of gar rolling in the water. I casted my topwater lure where they were and tried to get them to bite. No luck. I got a little closer and was able to see gar suspended under the water. I immediately went for my cast net and tossed a few times with no luck. I stayed on the bow and used my trolling motor to move around while holding my 3 ft cast net. I saw one roll so I tossed the net right in front of where the gar was. Success! My net immediately felt weighted down so I pulled with both hands. When I pulled the net above water I was surprised to see not one gar, but three! I pulled them on the back of the boat and took some pictures. One laid eggs on the back too and wow do they stink. I took a few pictures and then released the three gar back into the water. I had to shake the net a few times because the gar’s sharp teeth were caught in the net.

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