Lowrance Sonar Fish Reveal Update -Step By Step – Elite ti

I bought the new Lowrance 9 Elite ti and was able to successfully download the Fish Reveal update by using WiFi. Here's the post that goes over the steps I took to install the Lowrance Sonar FishReveal update. I decided to create a step-by-step video that shows the entire process from start to [...]

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Fish Reveal Lowrance Update Installed With Wifi

I unboxed my new Lowrance yesterday and was immediately impressed with the size. It is way bigger than my Hook 7 and 3-4 times the size of my Elite 5 ti. I powered the unit up with a power supply at my house and went through the Fish Reveal update process. First I went to [...]

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New Lowrance Elite with Latest Fish Reveal Software

So after my Big Bass Tour tournament and buying the Lowrance Elite 5 ti, I quickly realized that I need a bigger screen. My plan was to mirror the screen to an iPad on the bow of my boat but I decided to just buy a new unit instead. I went with the Lowrance Elite [...]

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Entered: 2018 Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Tour Lake Conroe

So I entered in the 2018 Bass Pro Shops Big Bass Tour on Lake Conroe for one day to try my luck. Me and my 11 year old are going to give it a shot. Since my boat is located off of 105 it will be pretty easy to fish the south part of the [...]

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Lowrance Electronics: Upgraded from Hook to Elite TI

Well I've had my Hook 7 for about a year and I'm starting to outgrow it. I needed something with more features such as side scan so I started shopping around. I instantly saw the price of some new fish finders, wow. Some lowrance units run up to $5,000!! I don't have this kind of [...]

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Summer Time Bass Fishing – Crankbait Largemouth Bass 4k

Watch how I scope out an area while trolling with my outboard. I'm looking for ledges or dropoffs on an underwater point. Once I locate the ledge then I start seeing fish. I mark the fish locations and go upwind to cast down wind so I can run my crank-bait through [...]

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Colorado Grand Slam – Rocky Mountain Trout Grand Slam

Grand Slam So I know this is a bass fishing site but I also love fly fishing for trout as well, hence this post. I just got back from fishing in the Rocky Mountains and had a blast. I hired a guide for an eight hour fishing trip to learn how to catch [...]

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Learning to Catch Bass with My New Equipment

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video or even my latest catch. There’s a reason for this: I’ve been learning my new boat, how to use it and how to locate fish. I have gotten really good at finding fish and catching them from the shores and even on my kayak. But when [...]

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My New Boat – Nitro 189 Sport Fish and Ski

Here's why I haven't posted in the past couple of months, I was working on buying a boat! I picked up a 2008 Nitro 189 Sport Fish and Ski to take my fishing to the next level. Right now I have it stuffed in my garage while I work on it. Here's a list of [...]

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Pro Fisherman Bass Fishing Tips

Watch professional angler Chuck Devereaux demonstrate a variety of techniques for casting and retrieval on a giant 5,000-gallon Bass Tub aquarium. He covers the following topics: How to find a fish with different locater baits - spinner, crank baits Blades to use in different conditions Color of skirts to use in different conditions -------- [...]

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